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We are a sister company of the company TOMOS which creates exclusive custom interiors and exteriors.

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LUXWOOD s.r.o. - wood panelings

Nobelova 34

836 05 Bratislava


IČO: 44468661

DIČ: 2022699811

IČ DPH: SK2022699811

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Tel: +421 908 535 368



The process of our works

In short, you can see the process of our works if you are interested in wood paneling walls and wood paneling ceiling, furnishing your modern or rustical interior, or the manufacture of custom-made furniture.

  • Meeting

    We make an appointment where we will find out your ideas and we will roughly focus the space, if you have your own ideas you can send them by e-mail

  • Price + design

    We will prepare a price offer and show you a design studio in the form of 2D drawings

  • Focus

    We will come to you and focus the areas precisely with a laser

  • Drawing documentation

    Approval of 2D custom drawings or 3D visualizations

  • Manufacture + assembly

    The agreed delivery date, production process and subsequent assembly begin to run

  • Originality

    You enjoy the feeling of uniqueness and exceptionality

price offer + design appointment mechanical drawing laser focusing originality furniture production

Each of our designs is individual and costs us a lot of time, so it is charged for this reason.
When ordering the interior, you have a proposal included in the price with us.

wood processing
CNC technology

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